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! objdump と objcopy引数の問題

引数が…!! objdump と objcopy

Usage: objdump <option(s)> <file(s)>
  Display information from object <file(s)>.
  The following switches are optional:
   -b, --target=BFDNAME           Specify the target object format as BFDNAME
   -m, --architecture=MACHINE     Specify the target architecture as MACHINE

Usage: objcopy [option(s)] in-file [out-file]
  Copies a binary file, possibly transforming it in the process
  The options are:
   -I --input-target <bfdname>      Assume input file is in format <bfdname>
   -O --output-target <bfdname>     Create an output file in format <bfdname>
   -F --target <bfdname>            Set both input and output format to <bfdname>
   -B --binary-architecture <arch>  Set arch of output file, when input is binary

ちなみに objdump と objdump --help は違う出力なので注意。

! !! objdump と readelf


  -x, --all-headers        Display the contents of all headers


  -a --all               Equivalent to: -h -l -S -s -r -d -V -A -I