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はじめてのひき - OmosiroCode Diff

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! xscreensaver;bug=819703;filename=patch.txt;msg=5

@@ -1663,6 +1663,8 @@ stop_the_insanity (saver_preferences *p)
  senescent_p (void)
+  return 0;
    /* If you are in here because you're planning on disabling this warning
       before redistributing my software, please don't.

! Bionic

/* IMPORTANT: Any code that relies on wide character support is essentially
  *            non-portable and/or broken. the only reason this header exist
  *            is because I'm really a nice guy. However, I'm not nice enough
  *            to provide you with a real implementation. instead wchar_t == char
  *            and all wc functions are stubs to their "normal" equivalent...