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What is this?

When you are trying to use SDL on Mac OSX with non-C programming languages such as Ruby or C#, you may see some Cocoa errors. The error happens because SDL needs Cocoa to be initialized, but the main function of your language doesn't initialize Cocoa.

Python is solving this issue by providing pythonw binary, which initializes Cocoa before it runs scripts. This approach works, but needs change of code of programming language, which is not easy generally.

The sdlboot solves this issue. You don't need to modify programming language or your SDL application with sdlboot.




and extract it. Then, copy main_hook/sdlboot/* into the directory where your SDL application exists. Then,

% ./sdlboot mono MizuGame.exe

or (example for C#)

% ./sdlboot ypsilon ./example/sdl-cairo-demo.scm

or (example of Ypsilon)

Which languages can work?

I confirmed that the following languages worked:

yet another sdlboot

If the above package doesn't work, please check the following archive as well:


This is implemented in different way. Failure reports will be really appreciated for both packages.

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